Trout Unlimited and Green Ice Melt

Trout Unlimited and Green Ice Melt

The Green Earth Deicer Company is a proud supporter of Trout Unlimited. But how do our products help in wetlands conservation?

Trout Unlimited

Trout unlimited is a conservation network between landowners, agencies, non-profits, and other stakeholders working to clean up mining operations, restore waterways, and reintroduce ecosystems through thriving of freshwater fish species. Over 90 cents of every dollar goes exactly to conservation programs through Trout Unlimited and the remaining percentile is allocated towards administration and fundraising costs so the funs go directly through what matters.

Trout Unlimited also works with anglers, reviewing the best gear so anyone form your hobby fisher to professionals can fish responsibly on the great fresh, cold water waterways and fisheries around our nation. It may seem counterproductive to help fishing and hunting opportunities for conservation, but when the people enjoying watersheds know how to harvest fish responsibly and ethically, it helps our efforts to keep the environment balanced, clean, and thriving.

The Trout Unlimited and Green Earth Deicer Connection

While spring may be upon us, we are still attentive to the impact that wintertime pollutants have on the environment. That is why we especially chose to support with Trout Unlimited.

Our company manufactures high performance ice melt products that are safe to the environment and to animals. One of the main concerns we’ve addressed in a previous blog is that, during the melting period of winter into spring, much of the water is contaminated with other industrial ice melters. These chemicals eventually end up in our waterways and sea. While most of the water we drink is filtered and treated, you may be consuming snow-melt chemicals from other companies through another source — food. That is one of the reasons why the Green Earth Deicer company works hard one products that are environmentally friendly and safe for everyone to consume without any worry of where your liquid or granulated ice melt is going to end up!

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