The Importance of Year-Round Property Maintenance

The Importance of Year-Round Property Maintenance

Whether it is a patio, deck, or driveway, ice can accumulate throughout the winter; creating a very hazardous obstacle for you, your family, and your pets. Tending to these issues early is imperative in keeping your family and property protected all winter long. At Green Ice Melt we offer an extensive list of deicing products. These products range from industrial deicers, used for airports, to residential deicers, which are pet-friendly and salmon safe. Many deicers travel with ice run-off into bodies of water. Some of these deicers actually decrease the oxygen level in water which suffocates fish. Our products do not impact natural water sources negatively, thusly named, salmon safe products.


Deck Deicing – Wooden decks are porous and are able to absorb the harmful corrosive materials in most deicers such as Salt and Urea. These corrosive deicers are a big no-no when it comes to winter deck maintenance due to the fact they decrease the longevity of the wood and metal deck materials. Instead, choose our wonderfully safe and effective CMA products (Calcium magnesium acetate )for your next deck deicing.

Driveway deicing – A far more simplistic method of deicing. Our Green Earth Super Brine (Enhanced Liquid Salt Brine) is the perfect choice for proactive, preventative maintenance for your driveway. Granular de-icers have to dissolve first into liquid, whereas liquid brine works on contact. Therefore our Super Brine is not only the safer choice but the faster choice. Additionally, fewer applications are needed, which will reduce costs.  Also, our brine is less corrosive due to the use of “salt saver corrosion inhibitors,” allowing your car to remain rust-free while parked at your home.

Property Safety – Just because you have a plan and a ton of deicer, doesn’t necessarily make your family and pets safer. The toxicity and adverse effects of some deicers can wreak havoc upon everything from the property itself to your beloved pets. If you have a pet who loves to roam your property and plays in the snow, make sure you choose our patented Happy Paws product. It’s guaranteed to keep the ice away, so your pets can play!

When the winter months bear down upon us, don’t hesitate to contact Green Ice Melt for all of your ice melting needs!

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