Summer Ice Melt Uses and Care

Summer Ice Melt Uses and Care

Do you have ice melt products that you aren’t sure what to do with? Is there any way to repurpose them? Can you dispose of it, and if not, how should you store it? Here are some ice melt tips for summer!

Summer Ice Melt Repurposing

It may not seem obvious, but depending on your ice melt product, you can reuse it! Old ice melt can be very effective as a liquid in warmer months. De-icing liquid can be used for dust control in the warmer months on dirt roads, solar farms, quarries, and more. Whether you’re using ice melt for weed killer and any animal arenas on your farm farm or for dust laying in highway maintenance, soil solidification in construction, or dust proofing a mining operation, the use of ice melt isn’t over when the snow and ice thaw.

Storing Your Ice Melt

Spring and summer are very humid times, which could cause hazard to your ice melt storage. The moisture absorbing qualities of road salt and other ice melt products make it ideal for breaking down ice, but that same quality means you must be careful with off-season storage of any remaining product if you want to use it again next winter. Ideally, ice melt products should be stored in a climate-controlled facility or outdoors one a dry surface under a heavy, solid tarp if you have loose product. Do not let any ice melt products be exposed to rain and ensure that any that could be is environmentally friendly. Chemical runoff from ice melters can wreak havoc on nature, which is why Green Ice Melt makes environmentally friendly ice melt options approved by Trout Unlimited.


Ice melt products are a necessity during winter, so save your money, your environment, and your product by being a responsible consumer this summer and keeping your stock safe, dry, and ready to use for the next winter season!

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