Save Your Home With Roof Ice Melt

Save Your Home With Roof Ice Melt

Winters can get dreadful if you don’t have the right equipment to deal with high snow levels, icy surfaces, heavy roofs, and other damages. A damaged roof in winter can be catastrophic and even deadly. Save your home with roof ice melt!

Roof Ice Dams

Ice tends to collect on some roofs near the edges, forming an ice dam. Overhangs or eaves are much colder than the rest of the roof and as the snow melts, it can hit an ice dam, especially along the gutters. This dam will cause the snow to back-up and get under the shingles. When the snow and ice thaw again, it’ll run inside your home and cause damage to insulation, drywall, foundation, flooring, and more. This makes good snow removal  and winter maintenance essential.

Roof Ice Melt

If you don’t invest in roof ice melt solutions, there is a high possibility of damaging the shingles. Many people are looking for the best ice melt products that will have no negative or any significant side effect on their environment, pets, and even damage to their properties. Uncleared ice can damage your shingles and broken icicles can put pedestrians in danger of a serious injury. When choosing your roof ice melt, consider the type of material or surface that your roof is made of. Some roof ice melt products might be corrosive when applied and come into contact with certain specific materials. Thankfully, the ice melt from Green Ice Melt is harmless to most if not all roofing materials. A good ice melt will have no need for you to climb onto your roof and risk harm from a slippery and wet icy slope. The application of the ice melt makes all the difference. You cannot randomly apply it or spread it over the roof. It needs to be done methodically and carefully, or else you may overuse or underuse it. Our ice melt products are safe for roofs, pets, plants, concrete, and environmentally safe to offer you peace of mind over your home this winter!


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