Our Happy Paws Product Line

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Happy Paws is proven the SAFEST ice and snow melting product on the market. Contains absolutely no chlorides, no urea, no carbonyl diamide, and no glycols.

Happy Paws

Happy Paws is one of the safest deicers on the market with proven efficiency without sacrificing what matters to you. Our Happy Paws product line comes in varying sizes and forms from a one gallon liquid refill to a twenty five pound grain ice melt pail.

A greater emphasis on a clean environment and responsible ice melt led us to develop this safe formula that’s great for concrete, metal, and wood while also being safe for both wild and domestic animals. During winter, normal deicers in either liquid or granular form run off into sewers as the snow and ice melt - leading them to our nation’s waterways. This is why we support Trout Unlimited - a waterway conservation group that works hard to protect wildlife that interact with our rivers and streams while also promoting responsible fishing and enjoyment of nature.

Wherever you use Happy Paws deicer from Green Ice Melt, we guarantee you can feel safe from winter weather with peace of mind. Whether you use our products on your rooftops, sidewalks, in your business or your home, we’ll keep you safe in more ways than one!



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