Liquid vs. Solid Salt – Where’s the Difference

Liquid vs. Solid Salt – Where’s the Difference

In our shop, we offer several products that not only do an amazing job of melting away ice and snow, but it’s an environmentally safe way of doing it. A solid form of specialized salt is the most common among deicers. If you have to get any at your local store usually all you can find is solid and if they happen to have liquid deicers, it’s the bare minimum. What you may not have realized is that the liquid form is just as useful as the solid salt. In this blog, we wanted to compare the two of these to see which is the best for you.

The Solid:

We offer several solid specialized salts such as the Happy Paws Ice Melt that you can sprinkle down to help eliminate or prevent ice on sidewalks, steps, porch, and more. Some of the great things about it is that:

  • It works fast and can be applied as soon as it starts snowing or you see ice forming. It can stop the process in its tracks making it safe to walk on. It’s better to use during or after the snow and ice instead of before because it doesn’t work great as a preventative, but because of how fast it works it’s not a huge issue.
  • It’s very easy to apply. Our 8lb shaker jug makes it convenient to use. What’s even better is our products are designed to be used sparingly because of how well they work. You’ll find you’ll be using less of our salt each storm with better results than you would salt you get from the store.

The Liquid:

This is the product that people question the most when they’re researching the best deicers. We’re so used to seeing solids, that the idea of liquid seems a little counterproductive. Obviously, you don’t want liquid being poured on ice right? When it comes to our Liquid Happy Paws deicer we can’t help but rave about it! It’s the perfect addition for any snow removal process and here’s why:

  • It actually ends up being less expensive than solid deicers which makes it easier to buy in bulk.
  • While our solid deicer is very convenient to use, the liquid is even easier to apply. You’re able to spread it around a little more without causing too much issue.
  • There’s less clean up at that end of the season. With solid salt, you do have to sweep up any left over bits that are still hanging around. The liquid is able to seep into the area a little easier because it’s environmentally safe.

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