Is Ice Melt Safe for the Outdoor Living Area

Is Ice Melt Safe for the Outdoor Living Area

Beautiful wooden decks add that little something extra to your property. The decision to have one installed should be a very thought-out one. So why would we not keep it as well maintained as possible? If you are reading this blog, chances are you have a deck and are looking to protect it against winter weather as best you can. Well, you have come to the right place. The Green Earth Deicer Company is the leading distributor of safe ice melt knowledge & products nationwide. Continue reading to find out how to keep your outdoor sanctuary in excellent condition by intelligent winter maintenance protocol.

Wood is porous – 

Porous substances such as wood more easily take in water. This is bad news for your deck. As water penetrates the wood and freezes inside its tiny pores, your deck slowly begins to breakdown. Coupled with the staining and corrosive power of salt and you have a deck in pretty awful shape. The Green Earth Deicer Company offers the finest salt-free ice melt products on the market, staying away from that damaging rock salt will add years to your deck. 

Concrete & pavers are porous – 

The corrosive power of salt can still damage substances as resilient as concrete and stone. Having an outdoor area installed should be an enjoyable investment. Do nothing to compromise your property’s aesthetic by damaging it with rock salt deicers. The Green Earth Deicer Company offers the ice melting solution in granular or liquid form to keep your property looking its best!

Calcium Based Deicers (CMA, calcium magnesium acetate) –

The Green Earth Deicer Company, Inc. specializes in safe, non-sodium-based ice melters. These products are the superior choice for melting ice and preventing damage. Our specialty items are all calcium-based to provide a much more effective and safer alternative. Clear scientific evidence shows CMA is virtually non-corrosive, that it does not damage concrete, and because it is biodegradable, it is safe for the environment. It does not harm vegetation, aquatic organisms, or receiving waters.

Now you know where to get your deicers for all the upcoming storms on Through years of research and dedication, we firmly believe we have created the best product on the market. The Green Earth Deicer Company is the rational choice for effective and environmentally safe products. 

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