How To Go Green This Winter (By Starting Now!)

How To Go Green This Winter (By Starting Now!)

When the winter weather is gone, and the grass is green, the thought of how to best rid your property of potential ice and snow disasters isn’t exactly a high priority. Take this time to get a head start, and know it’s never too early to stockpile your ice melt solutions! Here are some great ways Green Ice Melt can help you get ahead of the winter weather and procure the proper ice melt products for you! 

The first thing to know: There are 4 main types of ice melters 

  1. Sodium chloride 
  2. Calcium chloride 
  3. Magnesium chloride and 
  4. Calcium magnesium acetate (CMA)

We, at Green Ice Melt, proudly sell products of the CMA variety, this ice melt product is not only less corrosive to property, but it is also less damaging to the environment as a whole. Each winter, municipalities distribute ton after ton of ice melting products across our roads and business areas, every little bit of rock salt we can take away from that equation is a step in the right direction.

Which product is right for you?
Liquid or granular CMA? 
CMA®: pure calcium magnesium acetate Absolutely no chlorides, only 100% CMA – solid pellet form: 55 lb bags x 40 per pallet 
Cost to treat 10,000 sq. ft: ($2.00 / lb): $200.00 (retail pricing) 
Clean Sweep™: proprietary liquid calcium magnesium acetate Absolutely no chlorides, proprietary liquid CMA – liquid form: 55-gallon drum x 4 per pallet
Cost to treat 10,000 sq. ft: ($10.13 / gal): $50.65 (retail pricing)


Both of these environmentally safe options are excellent for almost any purpose, for extensive use such as parking lots or extended driveways, a liquid deicer will go further and provide a greater bang for your buck, for enhanced protection against slips and for added grip on walkways & stairs the granular form is the way to go!

Green Earth Ice Melter – Our flagship product is the most effective and affordable product to tackle even the toughest ice build-up issues. Infused with our high tech salt saver brine instead of rock salt, our signature green crystals will give you all of the benefits of the most powerful ice melters but with significantly less cost!

Happy Paws – A pure CMA product with absolutely no additives or harmful products. This product is safe for all surfaces and won’t harm your pet’s paws or stain your shoes! This signature product of green ice melt comes in both liquid and solid forms, for whichever ice melt solution you need!

At the end of the day, there is no wrong way with CMA! The safer and more effective compound is the perfect and educated choice when it comes to defending your property against winter weather. Keeping an environmentally conscious state of mind only adds to the quality and effectiveness of CMA products. Be sure to come back to our website to view our blog and to keep yourself stocked up on all of our Green Ice products!

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