Bulk Water Softener Salt

Bulk Water Softener Salt

Take a look at your faucets. Notice anything weird about them? Lack of water pressure? Faded clothing after washes? Dry skin and hair? It sounds like you have a common case of hard water going on in your home. Hard water is simply water with a high mineral count, which can have an impact on your household plumbing. You might be asking yourself: “how do I combat hard water?” The answer is simple: by softening your water.

This can be achieved through water softener salt. If you are in need of water softener salt for your home or business, then look no further than Green Ice Melt. As a sustainable company, we pride ourselves on providing eco-friendly products to the United States and Canada. And while you are helping save the planet, we also want to save you a buck here and there with affordable options that get the job done. When it comes to water softener salt, we offer an array of bulk options to choose from. Whether you choose our Iron Combat, Clean Choice, or Extra Coarse pellets, you can look forward to reaping the benefits of our 99.8% pure solution. With our large scale pallets on sale right now, there is no better time to purchase some water softener salt, as you never know when hard water might hit you. Have any questions about the impacts of our water softener salt?

Feel free to get in touch with us via our contact page by sending us a message. And when you are ready to purchase, make sure you check out our dealer locator to see where you can buy Green Ice Melt products near you. Nothing in your area? No need to fret, as you can buy our eco-friendly products online, some with free shipping. We look forward to being your top choice for softer water!

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