Becoming A Green Ice Melt Dealer

Becoming A Green Ice Melt Dealer

It is no easy task for an ice melt professional to spend his budget, book clients, and fulfill orders during the summer. Just because the snow and ice aren’t here yet doesn’t mean there isn’t work to be done! The thought of snow during the summer can seem crazy and far away to many potential customers, but that is the business we are in, the business of preventative maintenance. If you currently run a property management business or deal with the snow removal industry, in any form, the opportunity to upgrade your product, while saving the environment, is just a phone call away.

Storefronts & Retailers – Independently run hardware stores and landscaping companies provide great opportunities to sell our groundbreaking products. We stick to a family-oriented design and don’t deal with big commercial competitors! If you manage any local hardware store, and are looking to up your status-quo in the ice melt business, contact Green Ice Melt today!

A Local Company – Green Ice Melt is a local, small business that can ship bulk ice melt products to various locations in the US and Canada! We offer a variety of products that could help keep the environment clean, as well as keep the snow and ice off your driveways, walkways, parking lots, and more. Download one of our brochures to learn more!

In-House Professional Chemist – Our in house chemist has personally developed our unique, environmentally friendly products which we currently utilize. Other companies try to duplicate our formula, but end up selling salt in disguise! The best salt-free compounds are sold only here at green ice melt!
Honest Reliable Products – If you are a retailer and are looking to expand your winter maintenance arsenal, contact Green Ice Melt ASAP! We promise our product will make you and your customers happy for years to come with its super high-efficiency blend of ice melt, while having no adverse effects on the environment!

Today the snow removal industry, and the world as a whole, is much more environmentally minded in their purchases. Whether by using less energy, or using products that are far less harmful to the earth and vegetation, there are more and more businesses, municipalities, and people, in general, doing their part by switching from standard rock salt, to safer snow and ice melting products. Having bulk ice melt products on hand is essential for these businesses and wholesalers. Help your community by providing exceptional ice melt products from your business! 

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