Are You Using Ice Melt Correctly?

Are You Using Ice Melt Correctly?

Whether you’re in our home state of Wisconsin or located in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, or any other state in the eastern United States you’re starting to mentally, and physically, prepare for the winter that’s ahead. Some areas are predicting a pretty heavy snowfall, where others might get away with only a few inches for the year, depending on the weather patterns. However one thing that every area will combat is ice and slick sidewalks, roadways, and more! The fluctuating temperature will get cold enough at night for moisture to freeze. Ice melt is designed as a preventative during the winter months to keep people safe no matter what the weather condition is. Here are a few ways of properly using ice melt this upcoming winter.

● Apply the Right Amount: The products we offer at Green Ice Melt can take care of a large area with just a small amount. In fact, using an excessive amount of ice melt doesn’t melt the snow and ice faster or increase the traction. The only thing you’re really doing is wasting money and opening up the opportunity to track it into the house. Generally, half a cup of ice melt is able to cover a square yard comfortably. 

● Using It At All: There’s a misconception that ice melt should only be applied after the snow or ice has hit. If that’s the case why would you see the road department out hours before the storm is supposed to hit treating the roads? It’s because when the storm hits, the roads won’t be nearly as bad because the ice melt will start working with that first snowflake. They’ll usually treat it again to be safe, but that first round has already done wonders. Your sidewalks, driveways, steps, and any other area is no different. Putting down ice melt before the storm hits will make a huge difference when you need to shovel. You’ll be reducing your workload significantly.

● Apply It Correctly: Similar to using the right amount, you need to spread it evenly on the surface. As we mentioned before, half a cup will cover a square yard, but it needs to be spread out evenly in that space. If it’s piled in a heap not only will it not melt the ice or snow, but you could be using way too much unintentionally and wasting money.

● Clean It Up: Even though our ice melt is safe for the environment we still recommend cleaning it up, especially if it’s tracked into your home. Outside you can simply sweep it up and dispose of it. Inside you might need to mop, vacuum, and more depending on the flooring you have.

● Place Your Order Now: The sooner you order your ice melt the better. Fall can be unpredictable with snow. You could get two inches of snow one day and it is back up to the 60’s the next day. Make sure you can get our brand, one you can trust 100% with your home and business, instead of risking getting ice melt at your local store that might cause a lot of unnecessary damage. You can check everything we have to offer here!

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