A Quick Snow Removal History

A Quick Snow Removal History
The snow removal industry is an essential part of the lives of many Americans. The industry is still being perfected. In fact, some of its methods are being phased out with safer and more progressive tactics; and rightfully so. Green Ice Melt is paving the way when it comes to facing any of winter’s challenges, while still keeping the environment and roads safe. We use only the most effective and safest products and offer the promise of satisfaction and safety with every sale. Let’s take a look at how far the industry has come.

  • The Snow Plow – Plows first hit the road right here in Wisconsin in the year 1862. These plows were horse-drawn, and took a team of men shoveling in conjunction with the plow to clear the snow adequately. Eventually, with the onset of the automobile the plow evolved into what it is today and is now a very rapid and successful snow removal vehicle. Today it is always a good idea to either buy a plow or have a property maintenance contractor on retainer.
  • Early Ice Melters – The first use of rock salt was in New Hampshire during the 1930s. During the pre-world-war-2 years, rock salt became the standard for deicing and road treatment. This, unfortunately, has led to the use of millions of tons of rock salt on our roads each year. The use of these products is hurting our environment, increasing sodium levels in our drinking water, and damaging roadside vegetation. If you have the option, do not use rock salt as your deicing solution!
  • The Evolution of Deicing– As the negative effects of rock salt have been more accurately documented organic replacements have been developed to replace the use of this damaging substance. Many people are making the switch to safer alternatives and more and more organic compounds are being utilized each day!
  • Calcium Magnesium Acetate – or “CMA” – Developed in the1970s and put to use worldwide in 1986s is the flagship product of eco-friendly deicing! CMA is considered to be the SAFEST deicer for the environment. Manufactured in granular and liquid form, both are for sale at greenicemelt.com and can be bought in bulk.
Here at Green Ice Melt, we take pride in the fact that we are making a positive impact on the environment! Our mission to use only the safest products is one we take very seriously and will happily continue to deliver on for years to come. One day, hopefully, organic and eco-friendly deicers will be the only option.
Until then, Green Ice Melt is your top provider of consumer and bulk quantities of our exceptional deicing products. However, we must thank our predecessors: the rock salt spreaders, the shovelers, & the horse and plow operators of old. These methods have evolved, and out of necessity, have been rendered unsafe or obsolete. Every unit of Green Ice Melt sold is one step closer to a cleaner and safer environment! Call now to learn more about the multitude of products we have to offer!

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