4 Tips To Protecting Your Business Floors

4 Tips To Protecting Your Business Floors

Storefronts get multiple customers a day six to seven days a week. The floors of a business are one of the first things to wear out because of how much foot traffic there is. Winter conditions make the situation worse not just from wet unmelted snow tracking in on shoes and melting all over the floor. The other biggest issue is the ice melt that’s being used on the sidewalk and the parking lot. Normal ice melt can be damaging to pavement and concrete so it’s no surprise that it can take a toll on the floors. The great news is that you can take action now to prepare for the winter traffic by replacing the entrance mat, having regular cleanings, and more! Here’s how to protect your business floors this winter.

Reseal Hard Floors: Floors have a protective seal as the very top layer protecting the floor from the normal traffic during business hours. Refinishing and resealing the floor will extend its lifespan. It’s important to get the floor resealed during the summer months because the colder weather could affect how the finish dries. Cold weather could crack or peel the new finish.

Use An Entrance Mat: While the entire floor is affected by the foot traffic of the customers and employees, the entrance gets hit the most. The entrance mat is an extra layer of protection for the busiest part of the building. Typically, the customers should be able to walk 8-10 steps on the mat before stepping onto the main floor. It should also be absorbent enough so customers can wipe off their wet shoes as they’re walking through. This part is important so customers are less likely to slip when their wet shoes hit the floor.

Floor Neutralizer: Normal floor clear doesn’t always clean ice melt. In fact, the mixture could do more damage to the floor than just the ice melt on its own. The best solution is to use a floor neutralizer specifically designed to dissolve the hard water film, soap, and chlorides in the ice melt. If you want to avoid dealing with the heavy coating normal ice melts have, switch our environmentally safe ice melts! Check out our shop here!
Regularly Clean: Regular cleaning is a necessity to maintain a clean and healthy environment for customers and employees alike. It also decreases the risk of permanent damage that the ice melt tracked in will leave behind. In the winter cleaning may need to happen twice a day as a precaution, but that depends on the foot traffic of the day and the severity of the ice melt outside.

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