Why A Roof Deicer Is Necessary

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Keeping your roof snow and ice-free is essential. While the design of roofs directs water to the gutters, in winter, that can be a little difficult during the colder months. Not only are you dealing with snow, but you have to worry about ice, sleet, and freezing rain. All of these conditions can cause water build-up on your roof, creating a headache of problems. No one can stop the weather, so the best solution is an Ice Dam Kit from Green Ice Melt. With our kit, consisting of liquid, pellets, and sleeves, you can avoid possible roof issues. 

What exactly happens on your untreated roof?

Ice dams are what cause all of the issues on your roof. Some of the snow might slide off if it’s a sloped roof, but the majority of it will still be there. During the day, the temperature can rise enough to start melting everything. At night when the temperature drops again, whatever is left on the roof freezes creating an ice dam. With the barrier in place, it ends up trapping any other water and the snow onto the roof. Since that water has no place to go, it will go under the shingles, into any cracks, and ultimately into the building.

How can you fix it?

We have a three-step process that will save your home and roof from severe water damage. You can pick and choose which one is right for your situation or have a combination of all three.

Step 1: Liquid
You will use the liquid to get through any ice dam that has formed, even at below-freezing temperatures. The liquid works immediately to help melt the snow or ice, allowing the trapped water to flow to the gutters. It's safe on almost all materials, minus galvanized steel, and is biodegradable once the temperatures start warming up.
Step 2: Pellets

The pellets are great for larger roofs or ice dams that are thicker. In this case, a little can go a long way, so you’ll have more than enough for the entire winter season. It's also biodegradable with the warmer weather, as well as being non-corrosive.

Step 3: Sleeves
The sleeve portion of your kit has been designed as a preventative for ice dams. This product is a 2lbs sleeve filled with ice melt that you put above or close to ice dam formations. Its long-lasting, slow-release feature stops dams from forming. This method is extremely safe, and is biodegradable when temperatures are above 50℉.
Bonus Step 4: Don't for the walkways!
If you have an ice dam that formed, once the water melts, there might be a lot coming out of the gutters and overflowing onto the walkways. As a preventative, remember to use Happy Paws™️ Ice Melter or the Sub Zero™️ Ice Melter on your sidewalks and steps. Why A Roof Deicer Is Necessary 1
Why A Roof Deicer Is Necessary 2

As a disclaimer, please be safe while on your ladder or roof. If you are unable to get on your roof, hire a professional to complete the task for you. We are not responsible for any damage that may occur during this process.