SubZero 20 Ice Melt – 50 lb Bag


Sub-Zero Deicer

The best Cold Condition blend on the market!

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Dust Free.

Does not create harmful dust that can cause problems, and breathing irritation.

  • Our own time-tested blend
  • Sub-Zero is a time-tested proprietary blend of 20% CMA, Salt Saver, potassium acetate, sodium chloride and corrosion inhibitors
  • For commercial and home use on sidewalks and driveways
  • The blend retains the best qualities of each of its ingredients
  • Works faster and longer
  • Especially good for sleet and freezing rain
  • Apply early in the storm to prevent snow/ice bonding
  • Great for really cold conditions
  • Works down to -23 F (-31C)
  • Less damaging to vegetation than other deicers
  • Won’t damage flooring or carpets
  • Apply 3-5# per 1000 square feet

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Weight 52 lbs


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