Green Earth Ice Melter shaker jug 12 lb


Green Earth Ice MeltGreen Earth Ice Melter jugGreen Ice Melt Original


Accept no imitations !  The Original Green Ice Melt

Green Earth Ice Melter in handy 12 lb shaker jug, with 3 pour spout variation.

Powerful ice melt granules, encapsulated with liquid Salt Saver™, enhances performance down to -25F and beyond, ask people in Alaska, they know how well it works.

Please use at half the rate and standard ice melt products.  It is not necessary to over apply.

Longer lasting, so it takes far fewer applications, saving time and money, and safer for the environment.

Safer around pets and children.

Leaves no dusty residue, less tracking, and the green color makes Green Earth Ice Melter easy to apply.

Photosensitive color fades in the sunlight.

Free Shipping in U.S. lower 48 states !

Don’t be fooled by any substitutes !  Ask for it by name !


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Weight 12 lbs