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Our Products

(Download PDF) of our Ice Melter Chart - Ice Melter Chart

Solid --- Ice Melters

Use: Sidewalks, Driveways, Roads, Parking Lots, etc.

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In Canada

calcium magnesium acetate - safest, fairly expensive - temps (20°F)
specialized blend w/corrosion protection - very safe, lower cost - temps (-25°F)
pet safe, earth safe - safest pet ice melter on the market, competitively priced - temps (20°F)
specialized blend w/corrosion protection and 20% CMA benefits - extremely safe, med. priced - temps (-23°F)
Roof --- Ice Melters
Use: Safe to use on roofing materials, non chloride / non corrosive, no harm to plants below

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package containing,#1 Ice Dam Liquid - 2 quarts, #2 Ice Dam Pellets, #3 - 3 Ice Dam Sleeves
Green Earth Ice Dam Kit - EXTRA
package containing,#1 Ice Dam Liquid - 2 quarts, #2 Ice Dam Pellets, #3 -6 Ice Dam Sleeves - With FREE SHIPPING in U.S.
fast acting liquid - for quick response to an ice dam, non-corrosive, non-chloride - safest -temps (-76°F freeze point)
#2 Ice Dam Pellets (Solid Granular)
solid pellet form - safe on roofing materials, and vegetation below, non-corrosive, non-chloride - safest -temps (5°F)
deicer sleeve - slow release for prevention of ice dams - non-corrosive, non-chloride - safest -temps (20°F)
Liquid --- Ice Melters
Use: Fast acting liquid, non-corrosive, non chloride / Salt Saver use as stockpile treatment for salt

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Green Earth Super Brine ™ (enhance salt brine)
Fast acting, liquid commercial enhanced salt brine, with Salt Saver added to perform under much colder temps -temps (-25°F)
Clean Sweep ™ (Liquid anti-icer / de-icer)
liquid CMA, calcium magnesium acetate, with added Salt Saver liquid to bring down temps (-24 °F freeze point)
fast acting liquid - extremely fast, non-corrosive, non-chloride - hundreds of uses (-76°F freeze point)
liquid - pet safe, earth safe - safest pet ice melter on the market -temps (-24 °F freeze point)
Salt Saver ™ (stockpile treatment)
liquid commercial treatment for salt piles, mix with rock salt to make safer for environment lower costs - use 1/2 as much salt as normal, and much colder temps -temps (-25°F)
CF7 ® (Commercial potassium acetate)
liquid potassium acetate, non-corrosive, safe for vegetation, works at very cold temps -temps (-76°F freeze point)


IceX Windshield & Lock De-Icer
liquid - Environmentally friendly windshield and lock de-icer




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